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In a world of infinite digital shelf space and same day delivery, the expectations for a “they know me” native retail experience have never been higher.

Direct-to-consumer retail has completely upended priorities for the large players. Likewise, emerging retailers have to raise the bar on taking advantage of mobile technologies and recommendation engines.

From personal sneakers to shopper’s skin tone awareness, the long tail is the path to market capture. And yet shoppers aren’t interested in filling out long forms to tell retailers what they want: they want these recommendations instantly.

Computer vision allows for an infinite degree of personalization, from identifying items of interest in selfies (“I want a jacket like this one, on sale!”), to tracking actual engagements (where does in-store traffic actually spend time) and creating recommendation engines for everything (“we see you like Supreme, check this out”).

Virtual mirrors for fitness and fashion bring the world’s best instructors and icons into your home, while virtual checkouts reduce rush hour lines and costs. CrowdAI helps retailers lower operating costs by automating image and video-based analysis.


Our platform can help you realize new digital retail experiences

self checkout

Automated Retail Experiences

Power product recognition without bar code scanning, to reduce checkout times and theft.

Inventory management

Always In Stock

Spot incorrectly placed products and shelf gaps. A well stocked shelf moves products.


Personalized Shopping

In a world of truly aware advertising, any indication of genuine interest is an opportunity for subtle suggestions to better inform the buyer. Computer vision helps retails make sense of what the shoppers aren’t explicitly saying.

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