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The aerospace industry is witnessing record levels of  demand and scrutiny.

With the slow subsidence of Covid-19, the global population is expected to slowly start traveling like never before. Airplane manufacturers remain sold out for years to come and can’t make their product fast enough.

On the flip side, recent failures have been endlessly and deservedly publicized. Launch company share prices fluctuate wildly with each successful or failed launch. Executives have to combine speed, quality, and safety like never before.

Computer vision helps aerospace manufacturers avoid endless potential defect variations by learning from examples, instead of rules, providing near real-time situational awareness at a national scale. Computers can spot faulty sub-assemblies, final quality check issues, and visual integrity assessments in near real-time, 24x7.Our aim is to help teams who literally reach for the sky do so with the confidence and speed that, until recently, has been impossible.


Our platform can help you automate the aviation value chain

data infrastructure

Smart Factory

Use computer vision to analyze every image in existing datasets and generate metadata. Every new image (from quality inspection, for example) is automatically tagged and analyzed.

Quality Control

Digital Pit Crew

Automate quality control across the value chain, accelerating root cause analysis and continuous improvement.

defect identification

Digital Maintenance

Increase equipment up-time with automated visual inspections and deterioration identification.

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