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Increasing incidents and severity, as well as the expansion of population centers into disaster-prone areas, put enormous pressure on first responders and the analysts and planners who support them.

In a post-disaster scenario, analysts and operators need to know not only what resources are needed, but where and how to deploy them.

Automated overhead imagery and video analysis is a fast and reliable means to decision advantage when time matters most. Computers can process massive amounts of data in just a fraction of the time it would take a person. The mission applications for this computer-aided analysis are as diverse as the challenges we face.

Whether supporting search & rescue operations or mapping expanding flood waters, automated image and video analysis enables first responders, planners, and policymakers to deploy the proper resources more efficiently, to provide critical relief, and to save lives.

CrowdAI provides rapid assessments and mapping of disaster affected areas to understand the operations environment for first responders, planners, and policymakers. From on-the-fly route analysis to city-wide damage assessments,

CrowdAI aids those on the front lines with analysis not only to save lives, but to keep responders safe.


Our platform can help you automate damage assessment

Rapid damage assessment

Establish Situational Awareness

Rapidly assess hurricane, earthquake, and tornado damage to roads, buildings, and critical infrastructure from satellite or aerial imagery to understand the operations environment before putting boots on the ground.

Search and Rescue

Find Those in Need

Isolated personnel are on borrowed time. Exposure to harsh environments, such as the open ocean, increase their risk. Computer-aided vision can detect survivors, liferafts, and other signs of life to find survivors quickly.

disaster mapping

Mobilize Resources

Rising waters and changing landscapes make precision flood mapping difficult. Water seeps into new areas just as fast as maps can be drawn. Wildfires spread fast. Understand disaster extent in near-real-time helps to deploy critical resources to where they are needed most, while helping to keep first responders out of harm’s way.

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