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Natural disasters, mobile-native users, and fintech startups have redefined expectations from financial institutions.

Changing rules often make real-time decisions more expensive.

Machine learning and computer vision help enterprises avoid pitfalls of hard coded rules by learning through examples instead.

An insurance company that can leverage policyholder-uploaded photos from an accident and immediately return a repair estimate can lower claims costs, create a stress-free experience, and add another source of data to better underwrite risk. CrowdAI helps finance organizations automate image and video analysis to identify risk, create digital experiences, and lower the cost of operations.


Our platform can help you automate visual inspection

Insurance Claims

Digital Claims

Get ahead of black swan events by using imagery to segment out assets that have been damaged, destroyed, left untouched, or are potentially fraudulent.


Digital Shield

Cover your global compliance needs through dynamic identity verification and fraud prevention.

Data optimization

Digital Telemetry

Find your edge and build better financial products from unstructured data sources.

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