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The proliferation of low-cost, high-fidelity sensor platforms has created unprecedented opportunity to understand our world.

From off-the-shelf unmanned systems to commercial satellites, more data has been created in the last year than in all previous years combined.

Remote sensing once offered unprecedented insight from halfway around the world. But sensor proliferation and the resultant data generation have outpaced the capacity of analysts to exploit it.

Instead, most images collected today are un-analyzed, put into an archive. Computer vision changes this, enabling imagery exploitation as soon as an image hits the ground.


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Satellites Large & Small

CrowdAI computer vision is compatible with nearly any imaging sensor on orbit today, be it synthetic aperture radar, panchromatic, infrared, or multi-spectral. It even works on space-based full-motion-video.


Piloted or UAV

Tactical air-breathers offer unparalleled detail and spatial resolution of the operations environment due to their low altitude, but their sensors create processing challenges at the sensor's edge, where off-nadir angles are the highest.

CrowdAI has worked extensively with various aerial data providers to mitigate this and other phenomenologies.


Real-Time Video

An industry leader in automating FMV exploitation, starting with FireNet in 2018, CrowdAI built the first operationally-deployed AI for the DOD’s Joint AI Center. We have gone on to develop cutting-edge technologies, such as multi-frame processing and object permanence for FMV.

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