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Infrastructure exposed to the elements, whether a bridge, a building, or a road, will decay over time.

Wear from usage accelerates this deterioration. To keep these structures sound and in good working order, preventive, routine, and responsive care must be taken. Regular assessment at scale are needed to prioritize projects.

Automated image and video analysis is a reliable means to assess infrastructure health at scale.

Whether for assessing condition and maintaining facilities, roads, or airfields, automated image and video analysis reduces costs and personnel risk. It also provides a reliable source for structured, time-series data to inform trend analysis for predictive maintenance.


Our platform can help you automate visual inspection

Facilities and Rooftops

Detect Deterioration

Monitor roof staining, algae, ponding, planar and linear deterioration—whether from normal wear and tear or a natural disaster—and other maintenance issues to deploy maintenance personnel as needed.

Roads and Surfaces

Pavement & Surface Maintenance

Monitor road obstruction, damage, and deterioration to deploy maintenance personnel as needed.


Rapid Airfield Damage Assessment

Understand the extent of airfield damage in order to recover rapidly. Identify craters, debris, and other hazards to flight operations before sending crews into harm’s way.

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