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The promise of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation has been put under a microscope

Pressure to cure debilitating diseases and skyrocketing healthcare costs have created an opportunity for thoughtful deployment of automation. Manual inspection of microscopic cells in a lab, or a CT scan overview a minute before a patient meeting challenges efficiency and quality tradeoffs.

Legacy vision systems have also fallen short. It’s nearly impossible to create an IF-THEN statement for every pathology variation, cell type, or dust particle on a vaccine vial. Machine learning and computer vision help enterprises avoid the pitfalls of hard-coded rules by learning through examples instead.

CrowdAI helps life science and pharmaceutical companies automate image and video analysis to give doctors time back with their patients and accelerate time to market for life-saving drugs.


Our platform can help you automate visual intelligence


Smart Factory

Automate production line inspections with focus on quality control for everything from pill packs to vaccine vials.

Visual Inspections

Digital Maintenance

Increase efficiency in equipment and predictive maintenance with automated visual inspections and deterioration identification.


Logistics AI

Create 24/7 supply chain visibility and quality control through automated monitoring and critical-junction inspections.

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