We’re bringing a new AI approach to the enterprise
April 8, 2021

We’re bringing a new AI approach to the enterprise

Devaki Raj
Devaki Raj

Our mission at CrowdAI is to make AI accessible to everyone.

In pursuit of that mission, for the last five years, we’ve been laser focused on building best-in-class computer vision solutions for our commercial and government clients. Along the way, we learned that many people already understood the value computer vision could bring to their enterprise, but were often frustrated in their attempts to customize open-source and off-the-shelf models to their specific workflow or problem.

Every business or organization is unique; even within the same business, different locations or teams may tackle similar challenges very differently. Data is collected by different sensors—each with its own quirks—and often stored in different locations. What counts as a “major” defect in a quality check for one team may be considered “minor” by another. Centralized, one-size-fits-all tools designed to span entire businesses or even industries will therefore fail to account for the great deal of nuance that goes into the daily operations of a business. However, if you can put the tools in the hands of those closest to the problem—the local quality assurance team, the resource planning group—then computer vision has the potential to truly transform the business.

So we set out to build our platform from the ground up to be a truly end-to-end pipeline for creating custom vision AI. Just as crucially, we insisted from day one that every component of the platform would be code-free, from managing data to interacting with the production-ready models. Our vision is to support and augment enterprise data science teams where they exist, and stand in for them where they do not.

Our team has been working hard to launch the next generation of our platform, which is available today. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more information about the platform and some of our work with customers and partners.

We’ve had an incredible amount of early access requests to the platform, so I invite you to add your name to the waitlist so we can set up your CrowdAI account.

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