September 3, 2021

Hurricane Ida Response: Open-Source Building Damage Data

Cliff Massey
Cliff Massey

CrowdAI recognizes the heartbreaking damage, including both the loss of human life and damage to physical infrastructure, caused by Hurricane Ida and extends our heartfelt condolences to all those impacted.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to support humanitarian aid and disaster response efforts, CrowdAI is now open-sourcing our Hurricane Ida data for anyone to use under a Creative Commons license. This data was generated by CrowdAI, Inc. using a proprietary multiclass image segmentation model. The model was trained to detect wind damage to buildings in aerial imagery according to FEMA’s Geospatial Damage Assessment Guidelines, updated September 2020. Each individual detected building is labeled with a pin/dot representing the geolocation of the structure, with the model’s assessment of the structure inserted as metadata for that pin.

To download the data, click here. Data may be updated as new imagery becomes available from NOAA's Remote Sensing Division.

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