CrowdAI Selected by U.S. Department of Defense to Build Critical Foundation for Accelerated AI Adoption
February 1, 2022

CrowdAI Selected by U.S. Department of Defense to Build Critical Foundation for Accelerated AI Adoption

Murtaza Khomusi
Murtaza Khomusi

CrowdAI, the world’s most intuitive AI platform for imagery and video, today announced its selection as an institutional AI partner under a $249 million-ceiling Blanket Purchase Agreement issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). Under this agreement, CrowdAI will help build the infrastructure for data-centric AI adoption across the entire U.S. Government, placing the building blocks for faster, more scalable, and widespread adoption of trusted AI at the enterprise level. 

As the first commercial computer vision vendor to support the JAIC at its inception in 2018, this agreement ensures continuity of CrowdAI’s mission-critical support to DoD efforts. The engagement will expand the DoD’s model testing and evaluation capabilities, providing the ability for analysts and operators of any technical ability to: 

  • See models train with data and learn how individual data points contribute to model performance, opening up the path to more responsible AI development.

  • Visually inspect actual model performance on live media, allowing users to move beyond an exclusive reliance on graphs and statistics.

  • Allow a diversity of mission operators to contribute to model development, ensuring that models are sensitive to operational edge-cases.

CrowdAI’s lifecycle AI platform puts computer vision into the hands of the analyst and allows any user to manage any step of AI development, including the ability to: label data systematically, train models efficiently, scale models iteratively, evaluate models visually,  and power decisions continuously (CrowdAI Platform). As experts in unlocking the value in visual data, CrowdAI has supported the JAIC in numerous humanitarian aid and disaster relief projects, ranging from tracking wildfires in real time on MQ-9 remotely piloted aircraft to assessing hurricane wind and flooding damage to physical infrastructure using satellite and aerial imagery. In 2019, the JAIC and CrowdAI published an academic paper highlighting their joint research work in this space. 

“As the JAIC’s first computer vision partner,  it is even more exciting now to continue our support with the JAIC 2.0 effort—an initiative focused on the cross-departmental adoption of AI in a more cohesive way. CrowdAI’s tools are the building blocks for scalable, responsible and highly performant models - keeping the U.S. ahead in the great AI race. We are thrilled to see the JAIC moving in the direction of one of CrowdAI’s foundational commitments to moving AI out of R&D to operations in a more scalable way.” - Devaki Raj, CrowdAI co-Founder and CEO 

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