CrowdAI Brings No-Code Computer Vision Technologies to GSA through i3 ICS Partnership
May 4, 2022

CrowdAI Brings No-Code Computer Vision Technologies to GSA through i3 ICS Partnership

Murtaza Khomusi
Murtaza Khomusi

CrowdAI, today, announces a partnership with i3ICS of Fairfax, Virginia, a service-disabled veteran owned small business(SDVOSB). Through this partnership, i3 ICS offers CrowdAI computer vision technologies and professional services under its multiple schedule award (MSA)with the General Services Administration (GSA). By bringing these offerings to the GSA, CrowdAI streamlines procurement, further advancing its mission to make artificial intelligence accessible to anyone.

“i3 ICS is a proven, trusted provider of mission-critical solutions to the U.S. government. We’re excited to form this alliance and to bring our capabilities to the GSA schedule,” said Devaki Raj, CEO of CrowdAI.

Today, across the U.S. government, organizations are burdened by massive quantities of visual data, from medical records, to CCTV, to satellite imagery. CrowdAI makes implementing a computer vision solution easy with its complete set of no-code tools and the ability to use algorithms all from its single platform. That means fewer software applications to purchase, manage, and use, reducing the need for integrations between systems and cutting costs. CrowdAI’s partnership model makes AI implementation and operations even easier with dedicated Field SupportEngineers, available to work on-premises, downrange, or remotely.

“i3 ICS has been extremely fortunate to be part of the early stages of some of the most innovative technology solutions, such as Palantir, Isilon, and Pixia.  I firmly believe that CrowdAI will have a similar technological impact in the federal space. CrowdAI has revolutionized computer vision. Now, anyone can have it setup quickly and running 24/7, without long procurement trails or extensive training”, said Phil Oakley, CEO of I3 ICS.

For more information about the CrowdAI and I3 ICS partnership please visit and feel free to reach out to CrowdAI at

About CrowdAI

CrowdAI offers the leading software platform to build customized computer vision (CV), enabling anyone to create high quality CV models to analyze imagery and video—no data science background or coding required. Our full-stack solution provides all the tools necessary to go from raw pixels to structured insights relevant to your specific needs.CV models created via CrowdAI's software platform, have been used for ISR, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, countering illicit trafficking, infrastructure maintenance, public health monitoring, medical diagnostics, and beyond. Visit CrowdAI at

About i3 ICS

i3 ICS specializes in analytical integration by synchronizing new and emerging technologies into the analytical process to maximize impact and streamline operations. Our primary focus is to provide a variety of cloud-based data-driven software solutions to our government partners that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization’s overall performance.

Since our inception in2008, i3 ICS has provided our customers with both custom and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to the most complex challenges that government agencies face. Our team is mostly composed of former military and government individuals with vast experience in the intelligence community. Our collective experience allows us to understand and provide the proper services that our customers need. Visit i3 ICS at  


Murtaza Khomusi

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