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CrowdAI provides a full solution to go from pixels to analytics to solve your domain-specific automation needs.

We provide:
- Data Analysis as a Service
- Domain-specific Models
- Fully Automated Analytics Pipelines

Letting you focus on decision making.


Create domain-specific AI solutions to enable smarter and faster decisions.

Improvement in target detection
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Increase in data-driven insights
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Reduction in mission downtime
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Increase in automated monitoring
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Operational solutions running in real time.

Persistent Pipelines

Set it and forget it solutions with automated alerting systems in your common operating picture.

Our prediction pipelines automatically ingest images, runpredictions, and push data to custom dashboards.


Less Data is More

Novel model architectures that enable few-shot learning solutions.

No more data waste. You can develop more performant models using less data.


Domain Specific AI

No more one-size-fits-all models, build AI specific to your domain and power competitive advantage.

Building competitive advantage relies on capitalizing on what makes you unique. With CrowdAI, models are powered by the knowledge of your domain experts and are sensitive to your operations and edge cases.


High Side Deployment

Trusted tool for the public sector.

Our platform

The most powerful AI tool, ever.

CrowdAI pairs the power of deep learning with the approachability and speed of no-code software. Our platform automates the process of creating domain-specific, customized models that are built to meet your specific requirements.

Our team of experts is ready to transform the public sector by automating your visual inspection.

A flow diagram showing the end-to-end computer vision process on the CrowdAI platform


Break down visual silos and bring all your media into a single, organized library.


Standardize data across disparate resolutions and formats.


Manage multiple quality-controlled data annotation workflows at scale.


Auto-augment data with sophisticated machine learning.


Train best-in-class neural networks to create bespoke AI.


Deliver models anywhere—on the factory floor, in space, and everywhere in between.

During a wildfire, we use CrowdAI extensively to inform frontline response efforts and fight fires in real-time.”
Colonel Michael Baird
Director of operations, 163 OSS, california air national guard
crowdai in action

Endless possibilities for automation.

Our company provides domain-specific solutions, with end-to-end integration, so your team can focus on decision-making.


CrowdAI enables policymakers and operators achieve decision advantage. Our platform and partnership model reduce analytic burden by automating image and video analysis, delivering critical insights quickly and reliably and freeing-up valuable analyst hours to pursue higher cognitive tasks.

Disaster Response

CrowdAI rapidly maps disaster affected areas, providing comprehensive situational awareness to first responders, analysts, and policymakers. From on-the-fly route analysis to city-wide damage assessments, CrowdAI empowers those on the front lines to save lives and keep responders safe.


CrowdAI helps aerospace manufacturers avoid endless potential defect variations by learning from examples, instead of rules, providing near real-time situational awareness at a national scale. Models can spot faulty sub-assemblies, final quality check issues, and perform integrity assessments around-the-clock.

Utilities & Telecoms

CrowdAI helps Utilities avoid endless potential defect variations by learning from examples, instead of rules, providing near real time situational awareness at a national scale. CrowdAI can spot corroded insulators, vegetation management issues and ingest meter readings on every square meter of the state, simultaneously.

Oil & Gas

CrowdAI helps oil and gas organizations spot pixel-level defects on every well site across the planet, in near-real time. Our aim is to help every energy team execute safely and profitably, from exploration to retail.


CrowdAI help retailers acheive an infinite degree of personalization, from identifying items of interest in selfies, to tracking actual engagements, and creating shopper recommendation engines.
Virtual mirrors for fitness and fashion bring the world’s best instructors and icons into your home, while virtual checkouts reduce rush hour lines and costs.


CrowdAI helps industrial organizations spot pixel-level defects on every manufacturing line, in near-real time. Our aim is to help teams everywhere, from factories to farms automate visually-driven decisions that are otherwise overwhelming.

Insurance & Finance

CrowdAI helps insurance and finance organizations automate image and video analysis to identify risk, create digital experiences, and lower the cost of operations.

Life Sciences &

CrowdAI helps life science and pharmaceutical companies automate image and video analysis to give doctors time back with their patients and accelerate time to market for life-saving drugs.

Facilities and Maintenance Solutions

CrowdAI enables facilities managers and maintenance crews to lower costs and improve operational efficiency. Automated imagery and video analysis  helps assess damage, deterioration and other maintenance issues, and keeps crews safer through remote analysis.

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